A beauty company achieves stronger middle funnel activity

A beauty company achieves stronger middle funnel activity

Using Alison’s competitive analysis insights, the beauty company achieved stronger middle funnel activity for its pride campaign.

Increase in CVR
Increase in CVR for Iterations

The beauty company’s campaign saw 184% increase in CVR over the first 3 weeks of launching completely new creatives and sustained a 66% increase in CVR for iterations on existing creatives in the same time frame. By modifying existing creatives with simple fixes and building new creatives with the powerful insights, the company met their target KPI goals for the campaign. 

As the Head of User Acquisition, I was always looking for ways to improve our marketing campaigns. Our Pride campaign was no exception. We wanted to create a campaign that was inclusive and resonated with our target audience, but we also didn't want to appear performative. Alison's competitive analysis tools helped us gain valuable insights into what was working for our competitors. By understanding what resonated with other audiences, we were able to inform our own campaign strategy. The results were impressive, and we saw a significant increase in engagement.

Marc C

Head of User Acquisition
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