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Digital Journal
Hate A/B testing? This AI platform is finally going to remove it from your to-do list Digital Journal - July 2024

Despite its benefits, A/B testing can be a tedious and time-consuming process. This article by Digital Journal highlights as the solution advertisers didn’t realize they needed.

If Don Draper Used AI, He Would Use This Platform MSN - July 2024

This article explores how Don Draper, the iconic figure of Mad Men, would approach today’s advertising world with access to modern AI technologies. In particular, he would embrace for its innovative approach to enhancing ad effectiveness.

Thought Leader Interview with Alison AI Info-Tech - June 2024

In this thought leader interview titled “How AI is used in Creative Analysis” with Alison.Ai’s VP of Marketing, Ellad Kushnir Matarasso, discover how using machine learning in creative analysis is boosting conversion rates and ROAS.

Europa Press
Desigual and Wayra choose four startups for their Awesome Lab open innovation program Europa Press - June 2024

Desigual and Telefónica’s corporate venture capital, Wayra, have selected four new startups out of more than 100 applications for their open innovation program, Awesome Lab, including the AI-powered creative video analysis platform Alison AI.

Stop A/B testing creative now? AI is killing traditional testing … Singular - May 2024

Should you stop A/B testing creative? In a few years, you will probably look back on A/B testing as the stone age of creative optimization. Ellad Matarasso, director of growth at, discusses the new AI-driven approach to creative testing.

Israel’s Generative AI expansion: A 2024 market overview CTech - May 2024

The local GenAI landscape now covers 27 categories, a significant expansion from 17, featuring a total of 238 companies, almost double from last September. Alison Ai is part of the Marketing & Sales category, the largest category in the landscape.

Active & Innovation
Ten Interesting GAI Startups in Israel Active & Innovation - April 2024

One of the top startups built upon GAI technology, Alison Ai developed an artificial intelligence platform for analyzing and creating content and creative, with advanced capabilities of automatically creating videos using Gen Ai.

“Heavyweight tech companies operating in Israel are doubling down,” says Cardumen Capital CTech - April 2024

In an exclusive discussion with CTech, Gonzalo Martinez de Azagra and Nimrod Brandt from Cardumen Capital provide an interesting look into the dynamic Israeli VC landscape, the resilience and growth of the tech ecosystem with leaders like Alison.Ai.

4 AI Tools To Help CMOs Take Their First Step In The Space Forbes - March 2024

In this disruptive era, where AI dominates discussions, practical guidance for CMOs and small business owners is scarce. Embrace tools like Alison to enter the AI game and seize its potential for optimizing your creative process in marketing.

Artificial intelligence tools are already generating realistic videos. Soon they’ll be personalized. Haaretz - March 2024

In the not too distant future, we will be able to watch content generated by AI and changing in real time based on our responses. Among the artificial intelligence tools is Israeli company Alison.Ai, which automatically generates video ads at scale.

32 AI Startups in Israel to Watch in 2024 Seedtable - March 2024

Alison AI is recognized by Seedtable as one of the top 5 AI Startups in Israel to watch in 2024. Seedtable leverages their expertise as founders and investors, as well as quantitative and qualitative data points, to build the list.

Alison.AI: Redefining the Creative Industry with AI-Driven Advertising Solutions ValiantCEO - March 2024

Asaf Yanai, Alison.AI co-founder and CEO, is a pioneering force in the intersection of AI and creative advertising. In this interview, he shares his knowledge and experience in AI-driven analytics and transforming ad strategies for the digital age.

AI-Augmented Workflows: The Future of Creativity and Efficiency in Advertising AiThority - March 2024

The advertising industry is undergoing a full transformation with new technology available in the traditional creative process. Asaf Yanai, CEO of Alison.AI, talks about a shift towards data-driven creativity and AI-augmented workflows.

Cinco ideas de contenido creativo para atraer al público en 2024 Forbes - March 2024

Forbes shares content ideas set to elevate engagement and reach this year, including tailoring ads for audiences using Alison’s AI capabilities. [Spanish]

5 Creative Content Ideas To Engage Audiences In 2024 Forbes - March 2024

Standout creation is the key for 2024 and what brands need to know to engage audiences. Forbes shares content ideas set to elevate engagement and reach this year, including tailoring ads for audiences using Alison’s AI capabilities.

La startup (Tel-Aviv) et sa plateforme d’intelligence artificielle IsraelValley - March 2024

The official site of the France-Israel Chamber of Commerce talks about Alison.Ai and how the artificial intelligence platform is making effective digital advertising an exact science.

Keep Going
Alison.AI analyzes your creative to ensure real conversion Keep Going - March 2024

What image will your customers love? The AI knows., founded by entrepreneurs Asaf Yanai and Koby Berkovich, is dragging video advertising into the AI age.

Global Banking & Finance Review
How AI-Driven Creatives Offer New Profitability Paths Global Banking & Finance Review - February 2024

CEO Asaf Yanai sheds light on how AI-driven creativity, with Alison.AI at the forefront, is not just enhancing advertising strategies but fundamentally changing the game, transforming traditional processes into data-driven success.

“We’re an automated ad agency on steroids” Globes - February 2024

Effective advertising is largely based on psychological expertise: what captures the attention, arouses sympathy and motivates action. Alison.Ai, which specializes in digital advertising using generative AI, wants to turn that into an exact science.

The Entrepreneur Who Wants to Transform Digital Advertising [Hebrew] Globes - February 2024

Alison, which developed an AI platform for analyzing creative content, presents a new tool for automated video creation. CEO Asaf Yanai explains why it is better to use animation, what a collaboration with Netflix will look like, and the risks in the field.

Stop guessing and say goodbye to trial and error. How does Alison use AI to revolutionize advertising production? Zhihu - February 2024

Alison.AI, an AI creative advertising platform from Israel , can intelligently generate advertising briefs and produce accurate customer acquisition videos by using 15 AI models for A/B testing.

Commerce Ventures
Generative AI for Retail – Thematic Analysis Commerce Ventures - February 2024

Commerce Ventures covers Gen AI startups, its adoption by retailers and emerging use cases. The report breaks it down by categories of interest, highlighting Alison AI in the startup landscape of Image/Video Creation (page 11).

Grit Daily
Turning Data into Dollars: Navigating the Shift with Data-Driven Insights and Results-Driven Creatives Grit Daily - February 2024

Alison.AI was featured in Grit Daily for its first-of-its-kind solution for the advertising industry. In this highly competitive space, understanding what makes ad creatives perform is critical. Alison is redefining advertising success for the future.

AT PARTNERS (Japanese)
AdTech’s Alison AI promises to streamline video ad production and reduce costs AT PARTNERS (Japanese) - February 2024

AI-powered software and applications have become rapidly popular and permeated every aspect of our lives. Read how Alison, one of these “disruptive” technologies, has overturned industry norms and improved the efficiency of the advertising industry.

The Jerusalem Post
Strategic insights: The evolution of data-driven advertising through AI The Jerusalem Post - February 2024

In this interview, the trailblazing founder and CEO of Alison.AI, Asaf Yanai, sheds light on the transformative impact of AI technologies on the advertising landscape, unraveling the intricacies of Alison.AI’s role at the forefront of this paradigm shift.

Forbes Israel
Smart Advertising: Meet the AI Startup That Promises to Save Advertisers Time and Money Forbes Israel - February 2024
“Alison is at the forefront of the AI revolution in the advertising and marketing world.” Alison.AI announces the launch of a new product and aims high, after completing a fundraising round from leading investors just one year after its founding and signing up major corporations as clients.
The Jerusalem Post (Spanish)
Perspectivas: Evolución de la publicidad con IA The Jerusalem Post (Spanish) - February 2024

A conversation with our CEO, Asaf Yanai, in which he sheds light on the transformative impact of AI technologies on the advertising landscape, unraveling the complexities of Alison.AI’s role in this paradigm shift.

BNN Breaking
AI and Video Advertising: A Revolution in Digital Marketing BNN Breaking - February 2024

In the realm of digital marketing, AI and video advertising are driving a revolution. Alison.AI, a trailblazer in AI-powered analytics, has achieved a staggering 300% increase in ROI for its clients. The secret lies in data analysis, targeted audience engagement, and real-time decision-making, enhancing the precision and relevance of marketing efforts.

Super Bowl Ads in the Age of AI: Data Drives Winning Strategies HackerNoon - February 2024

Leveraging Alison.AI’s advanced analysis, the last three years of Super Bowl ads were dissected providing a data-driven glimpse into what captivates audiences and drives conversion rates on social media platforms during one of the most watched events in the world.

AI Uncovers Winning Formula for Valentine’s Day Ads: Insights That Could Redefine Creative Campaigns HackerNoon - February 2024

This article explores how advancements in AI and creative analytics can guarantee effectiveness in Valentine’s Day campaigns, sharing findings from Alison.AI’s analysis of over 1,000 creatives to uncover what truly captures consumer attention.

Building A Tech Brand: Insider Secrets From Top Tech Leaders Forbes - February 2024

Alison.Ai is recognized as a top tech leader in this insightful Forbes article that unpacks the secrets behind building a successful tech brand.

Forbes Israel
Smart Advertising: Meet the AI Startup That Saves Time and Money [Hebrew] Forbes Israel - January 2024

After receiving funding from leading investors only a year after the company’s establishment and signing huge corporations as clients, Alison.AI, which developed a platform for creative analysis, announces the launch of a new product and aims as high as possible: “Alison is at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution in the worlds of advertising and marketing”

CTech by Calcalist
Real Life Superpowers Podcast with Alison.Ai Co-Founder & CEO CTech by Calcalist - January 2024

In a conversation with Noa Eshed and Ronen Menipaz on the podcast Real Life Superpowers, the co-founder & CEO of speaks about managing a startup during a crisis and learning from mistakes.

Alison in Top 10 Startups to Watch in 2024 Seedtable - December 2023

Alison.Ai makes the top 10 in Seedtable’s list of startups to watch for in 2024. Whether you’re an experienced investor, a determined founder, or a resourceful operator, this list of top tech startups is worth exploring.

Performance Marketing World
Top 5 adtech tools Performance Marketing World - November 2023

Alison Al helps bands optimise creative and analyse competitors. Al-powered creative video analysis platform helps brands optimise creative from ideation to optimisation and finally, production. Alison makes it easier than ever to create videos with the highest likelihood of success.

Venture Capital Experts
Exploring the Top 10 Generative AI Startups Venture Capital Experts - November 2023

In the promising landscape of Generative AI, Alison.Ai is among the most noteworthy startups, each contributing to the evolution of AI technology.

How Retailers Can Elevate Marketing and Messaging to Ring in the Revenues CMSWIRE - November 2023 analyzed hundreds of thousands of ad creatives from retailers across major ad platforms, including Meta, Google, and others, during the holiday seasons over the last two years.

Alison.AI: Top 50 AI Company MarketX - November 2023

Alison.AI is at the forefront of revolutionizing the creative landscape with its AI-powered video analysis platform. The technology they’ve developed is not only cutting-edge but also highly scalable.

Will AI Replace Human Creativity? SwissCognitive - October 2023

Should humans be concerned about AI taking over our jobs? We say, leave the emotional lift to humans, and AI can do the rest!

MX Technology and Innovation Summit 2023: A Confluence of Minds and Markets MarketX - October 2023

The summit set new benchmarks in technological discourse and investment as industry leaders discussed disruptive technologies.

Alison named as one of the top 5 fastest-growing AI-powered MarTech platforms! Synaptic - August 2023

This report provides investors with a list of 50 high-growth private AI companies well-positioned to capitalize on the future of AI across its foundational and diverse application software.

Product Market Fit
The role of AI in creative strategy [Podcast] Product Market Fit - August 2023

In this episode, host Mosheh interviews Asaf Yanai fonuder & CEO of, a creative analysis technology company that uses AI models to extract insights and provide recommendations for visual creatives such as videos, images, banners, and more. They aim to break the mold of viewing videos as a black box and instead help companies understand the components that make a video successful. Their AI engine is able to extract 25,000 elements from a video to analyze and predict what works for advertisers.

Generative AI: The Action You Need To Know Most About Is Getting The Least Attention Forbes - July 2023

Alison is an a16z funded startup out of Israel that analyzes creative work, such as typeface characters, colors, sounds and text. It then gives the members of the creative team a data-driven creative brief prompt that they can use to feed into a generative AI image production platforms

Alison wins Meta’s best pitch award [Video] Meta - July 2023

Is there a secret sauce to producing the perfect creative? Check out the conversation between’s Director of Growth Ellad Kushnir Matarasso and Meta’s Michael Pietsch which was held at the Meta Business Partner Festival in Berlin.

Sage Marketing
Top 11 Israeli Generative AI Startups to Look for Sage Marketing - July 2023

The rise and significance of generative AI platforms

Europa Press
La ‘startup’ israelí de publicidad recauda 4,6 millones de euros en una ronda de financiación Europa Press - May 2023

La ‘startup’ israelí, que utiliza la inteligencia artificial (IA) para analizar creatividades publicitarias, ha recaudado 5,1 millones de dólares (unos 4,6 millones de euros al cambio actual) en una ronda de financiación en la que han participado, entre otros, el fondo de capital riesgo europeo-israelí Cardumen Capital, el estadounidense Andreesen Horowitz, Crescendo Venture Partners y yellowHEAD.

AI platform to analyze creative advertising raises $5.1M from investors, including a16z TechCrunch - May 2023

Alison is a startup out of Israel that analyzes creative work, such as typeface characters, colors, sounds, and text. It then gives the creative team a data-driven creative brief prompt that they can use to feed either into a generative AI production platforms or (even!) their human creative team.

People & Computers
The AI platform which revolutionizes the world of advertising production People & Computers - March 2023’s CEO, Asaf Yanai, was recently featured in People & Computers Magazine to discuss how AI is changing advertising. Yanai shared his insights on how AI is making advertising more efficient, effective, and personalized. He emphasized the importance of investing in AI technology and developing data-driven strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

People & Computers
AI is conquering the advertising world [Podcast] People & Computers - March 2023’s CEO, Asaf Yanai, was recently featured in People & Computers Magazine’s podcast to discuss how AI is changing advertising. Yanai shared his insights on how AI is making advertising more efficient, effective, and personalized. He emphasized the importance of investing in AI technology and developing data-driven strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Check out the interview [Hebrew]

Walla News
20% of advertising budgets are thrown in the bin Walla News - February 2023

The A/B Testing, a process that has become an integral part of every advertising campaign, allows us to maximize the targeting ability, exposure and sales data, but forces us to become enslaved to the process and perform it endless times. How does artificial intelligence change the picture?

The ad world dilema – what happens when AI starts to replace employees Globes - January 2023

In an era where the bulk of investment in advertising is moving from television to digital, quite a few new tools are being developed directly for this arena. One of them belongs to the, which developed a platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract marketing insights from commercial videos.

Alison helps advertisers know what made their campaign work Tech12 - January 2023

Alison’s CEO, Asaf Yanai: “We’ve built an AI engine that breaks down videos to thousands of visual, sound, and text elements. By using data we can identify exactly what is the recipe to help creatives maximize their performance, without having to guess or test”

Alison CEO Speaks at MAU Las Vegas MAU - June 2022

Artificial intelligence is changing how creative marketing is done, but there’s nothing that replaces real human ingenuity. How can we combine the best of both worlds to create a killer creative strategy? Learn proven tactics from Asaf Yanai, CEO at

Martech Series
Alison Named Technical Innovation of the Year by The Drum Martech Series - October 2021

Creative insights platform Alison selected for its ability to help digital marketers ideate, analyze, and optimize high performance ad creative.

The Drum
Why Alison Won Technical Innovation of the Year The Drum - October 2021

Alison won the ‘Technical Innovation’ category at The Drum Awards for the Digital Industries 2021. Here, the team behind the winning entry reveal the secrets of this successful project

Alison Selected as a Digiday Technology Awards Finalist Digiday - October 2021

Digiday named Alison as a finalist in Digiday Technology Awards for Best Marketing Analytics Platform.

Alison 2.0 Launches, Featuring New AI Tools to Further Optimize Ad Creative AiThority - August 2021

Announcing the launch of Alison 2.0, featuring significant updates to the SaaS creative insights platform.

Alison Wins Product of the Year 2021 AiThority - July 2021

Alison won Product of the Year 2021 for its AI creative management platform, which delivers AI-driven insights to maximize ad creative performance

Martech Cube
Innovative Technology Platform Alison Recognized in Data Breakthrough Awards Martech Cube - March 2021

Alison was recognized as an innovative technology platform which delivers AI-driven insights to maximize ad creative performance

MarTech Series
Alison Named Marketing Solution Of The Year In 2021 Data Breakthrough Awards MarTech Series - March 2021

Alison was recognized as an innovative technology platform which delivers AI-driven insights to maximize ad creative performance

MarTech Series
Creative Insight Technology SaaS Alison is Launched, New Competitive Intelligence Feature MarTech Series - September 2020

Advertisers now have full access to the AI-based technology that performance marketers use to analyze, ideate and optimize creatives.