A Food & Beverage company achieves market penetration for a new product

A Food & Beverage company achieves market penetration for a new product

In a vertical where brand loyalties are strong, penetrating the market with a new food product requires a highly effective marketing campaign. In the beginning stages of a product campaign, the Food & Beverage team realized a need to customize their creatives to each target region, but did not know how. 


Increase in CVR
Increase in ROAS

The Food & Beverage company saw an average of 87% increase in CVR across Asia, Western Europe, and North America over two months after implementing Alison’s insights. Tailoring creatives to target regions had a significant and lasting impact on CVR and ROAS as the creatives more deeply resonate and appeal to the target audience, allowing the company to achieve stronger lower funnel activity.


"Launching a new product can be a challenge. You need to understand what resonates with consumers and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly. Alison's creative analytics and insights were invaluable in helping us achieve market penetration for our new product. Their tools provided us with data-driven insights into consumer preferences and helped us develop targeted campaigns that resonated with our audience. The results were fantastic, and we saw a significant increase in brand awareness and sales."

Liz T

Performance Marketing Manager
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