365Scores goes beyond their GOOAALL with Alison.AI

365Scores goes beyond their GOOAALL with Alison.AI

After initial success with Alison’s competitor analysis feature, a live scores & data app expands their usage of the platform’s toolset and elevates their ad creatives.


With in-depth competitor research and data-driven recommendations provided by Alison.Ai’s tools, 365Scores underwent a paradigm shift in their approach to creative analysis and ideation, achieving a 15% increase in IPM when incorporating Alison’s insights on the impact of specific characters and a 23% increase in IPM by measuring the effectiveness of each influencer. The polished content strategy lifted the overall AVG account ROAS by 18%.

We reached a point where we recognized the need to enhance our creative capabilities and to analyze the competitive market more effectively. We were searching for a tool that could facilitate this, yet at that time, such tools were not available. As one of the earliest adopters of Alison's platform, 365Scores' trajectory is not just a testament to the effectiveness of the tools, but also a narrative of evolving strategies and unprecedented success.

Rafi Halfon

Head of Growth, 365Scores
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