How it Works?

Art, Meets Data

Creative assets can make or break your campaign, so nothing should be left to chance. Rather than relying on subjective visual appeal, generic best practices, and A/B tests, Alison helps creative teams harness the power of deep machine learning and real, live data to enhance engagement, maximize conversion rate, and boost ROI.

Once you’ve connected your ad account, Alison analyzes elements such as characters, colors, sounds, text, and more. We then arm you with a full-funnel report, spanning placements and countries, so you can dive deep into the performance of these elements in your ad campaign and find what resonates with each audience.

Smart algorithms are paired with human insights to provide a superior quality of data. Our marketing experts pinpoint distinct features that are unique to your specific brand, going beyond generic data.

This smart creative analysis provides you with all the information you need to accelerate creative ideation, streamline creative production, and make data-driven decisions. No more hunches. No more guesswork. Now you know what works, what doesn’t, and what to focus on next.

See Alison in Action
competitive analysis

One-of-a-Kind Competitive Creative Analysis

This all seems fine and dandy, but what if you were able to outshine the competition? Alison is the only creative intelligence platform that offers in-depth competitive creative analysis to help you do just that.

Discover new creative elements that worked well for your competitors by comparing elements in your creative with theirs. Based on this data, Alison provides recommendations for new-to-you elements that will appeal to your audience.

creative production

Creative Production Supercharged

Data is only as good as what you do with it. Our exclusive Smart Brief™ automatically organizes our recommendations into a detailed brief that your creative team can run with, straight to the finish line.

This process helps eliminate unnecessary guesswork and enables a data-driven feedback loop between your media and creative teams. Meanwhile, you’re able to crank out performative media assets more efficiently than ever before.

creative optimization

Creative Optimization on Loop

With so much time spent building out creative assets, how can you be confident they’ll perform? Alison’s actionable insights are broken down by country, platform, channel, operating system, campaign, ad set, and more so that you can create the ideal assets tailored to each market.

Live data lets you easily detect creative fatigue and rejuvenate your media assets to maximize their potential. It’s all about continuous iteration and improvement so you’re always at the top of your creative game.