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Valentine’s Day Social Media Creative Innovations Report

Alison AI's Valentine's Day Creative Innovations Report

As Valentine’s Day approaches, brands can elevate their social media campaigns by embracing unconventional creative elements that go beyond the clichés. Alison’s Advanced AI Technology analyzed the different ways that brands used creative messaging to improve purchase conversion rates on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network during the holidays of 2023 and 2022 for this analysis.  This Creative Innovations Report explores imaginative approaches to captivate audiences and foster genuine connections.

Here are our top insights:

Vague images for clear results

Silhouettes and Shadows: Experiment with silhouettes and shadow play to create intrigue. The absence of explicit details can spark curiosity and stimulate viewers’ imaginations, and has yielded a 27% increase in conversion rate for online purchases.

Abstract Symbolism: Infuse abstract elements that symbolize love without resorting to traditional symbols. Engaging viewers in deciphering of subtle visual cues adds an intellectual layer to the campaign and has yielded a 43% increase in conversion rate for online purchases.

Unconventional storytelling for the win

Interactive Storytelling: Craft choose-your-own-adventure style narratives within Instagram stories or interactive videos. This format encourages audience participation and immersion in the brand’s narrative and has yielded a 57% increase in conversion rate for online purchases.

Reverse Storytelling: Start with the resolution or outcome and challenge the audience to discover the story’s beginning. This reversal can create an element of surprise and sustained engagement and has yielded a 33% increase in conversion rate for online purchases.

Distinctive characters for distinctive results

Mystery Characters: Introduce enigmatic characters with ambiguous identities. This intrigue can unfold progressively, encouraging audiences to speculate and invest in the unfolding story. This approach yielded a 23% increase in conversion rate for online purchases.

Animated Characters: Explore animated characters that transcend the boundaries of reality. Animation allows for creativity beyond the constraints of live-action, enabling whimsical and fantastical storytelling.  This approach yielded a 45% increase in conversion rate for online purchases.

Mild music for intense results

Ambient Soundscapes: Create immersive soundscapes inspired by unconventional themes such as cosmic connections or surreal dreamscapes. Subtle audio elements can evoke emotions and enhance the overall experience, which has yielded a 62% increase in conversion rate for online purchases.

Beatless Music: Experiment with music compositions devoid of traditional beats. This departure from rhythmic predictability can enhance emotional depth and contemplation and has yielded a 39% increase in conversion rate for online purchases.


Scenery: When using user-generated content, explore prioritizing indoor scenery, particularly in a home environment. This creates a warm atmosphere, which, when used correctly, has yielded a 62% increase in conversion rate for online purchases.

Product Placement: Prioritize placing the product only after the opening scene alongside a presenter. This approach, incorporating the two, has yielded a 72% increase in conversion rate for online purchases.

Creative Innovations Report, in conclusion:

By embracing these unconventional creative innovations, brands can break free from the obvious and deliver memorable Valentine’s Day social media campaigns. Thoughtful incorporation of mysterious visuals, interactive formats, unconventional characters, unique sounds, and UGC will not only captivate but also inspire audiences during this season of love.

While these tips can be helpful as best practices, consider a more data-driven approach based on your own creatives and campaign data. Alison takes the guesswork out of producing results-driven creative assets by providing intelligent creative insights. It integrates with popular media and measurement platforms like Google, Meta, Snap, TikTok, and IronSource in addition to supporting mobile measurement partners through AppsFlyer and Adjust. Once integrated, Alison looks at all available account data, as well as competitor data to identify creative insights and make recommendations around ad creative, like characters, colors, sounds, text, and more. That means you’ll understand which creative elements resonate with your audience and which need to go.


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